Our festival depends entirely upon a small army of volunteers!

If you value the continued smooth running of the Yellowknife Music Festival, especially if you, or your child regularly take part in this Festival, please consider volunteering a little of your time to make this Festival a success. All participants are asked to help, or to invite a friend or family member to help out!

Want to know what kind of opportunities there are?

We are looking for Vocal/Choral Festival volunteers right now! (For March 6 – 8, 2020)
If you are able to volunteer for 2 – 3 hour shift as Front of House or Secretary to the Adjudicator (but not if a family member is performing in the same session), please sign up today!

For the rest of the Festival, please fill out a VOLUNTEER FORM letting us know when you can be available, how much time you can contribute and with which of a list of tasks you feel you would be able to do to help us out.

A little bit of your time will help to make this festival a success!  We need at least 40 volunteers to make the classes run smoothly.  All parents of participants are encouraged to sign up if they are able to assist us.

Thank You!!