A little bit of your time will help to make this festival a success!  We need at least 40 volunteers to make the classes run smoothly.  All parents of participants are encouraged to sign up if they are able to assist us.

Please let us know when and how much time you can contribute to YKMF 2018 by completing this VOLUNTEER FORM.  Thank You!!

This year’s administrative team (all volunteers) are:

Overall Coordinator: Mary Kelly
Contact: Festival Coordinator at ykmusicfestival@gmail.com

Vocal/Choral Coordinator: Claire Singer
Band/Instrumental Coordinator: Susan Shantora, with Jeff Hipfner & Sue Epp
Piano Coordinator: Kerry Wheler
Registrar: Sue Epp
Contact: The Registrar at YKMFregistrar@gmail.com

Volunteers Coordinator: Jeff Hipfner
Provincial Festival Coordinator: Trudy Joosse
Fundraising: Carmen Braden & Karen Hamre
MTA-NWT Treasurer: Karen Hamre
Syllabi, Rules and Regulations: Susan Shantora
Piano tuning & Maintenance: Anita Kuzma

The above team share many additional responsibilities, such as the Show Case concert, Website and Document Maintenance, Marketing and arranging hospitality for the adjudicators.