Registration for Duet/Ensemble Classes

Registrations for all classes are accepted from January 2nd, 2018

Registration deadline for Choir, Vocal and Speech Arts classes is January 31st, 2018

Registration deadline for Band, Piano and Instrumental Classes is February 28th, 2018

Hard copy release forms are no longer required for solo, duet or small ensemble registrations.  Registration forms now include waiver check boxes, to be completed by the registrant, parent/guardian if under 18, or someone who has been given the authority to do so. If the person completing the registration is not in a position to do this, then they can have participants complete hard copy forms, downloadable from the link above, and email or deliver them to the Registrar. Consent forms must be received by the registration deadline for the class you are entering, or your registration will not be considered complete.

These forms are for the use of small ensembles of 2 – 6 members, not including the accompanist, if any.

Please consult the Syllabus for class numbers and fees and read the Rules and Regulations 2018 document carefully before registering.

Registration forms must be filled out electronically and submitted directly to the Registrar.
Remember to save or print your registration once completed for your own records. It will automatically be emailed to you after you have submitted it.

Click on the links below for the appropriate Registration form.

Please use the Choir/Speech or Instrumental Large Ensemble forms for ensembles with more than 6 members.

If you would like to continue shopping, you can go to another page to add items to your cart and pay for everything at the end.

Your registration will not be counted as complete until payment has been received. All fees must be paid before the registration deadline.

1. Paypal
The fee per class for duets and small ensembles is $50
There is an administration fee of $2 per class to cover Paypal charges and administration costs. Add to the registration fees for online payments only.
After filling out all your registrations, click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button below to pay using Paypal or a credit card then email your receipt to the Registrar.

In order for it to be clear on the receipt for whom the payment has been made, please put the name of participants or the name of the ensemble the fees are for in the ‘instructions to vendor’ box when paying by Paypal.

2. For payment by cash or cheque (Made out to the ‘Music Teachers Association of the NWT’), arrange hand delivery with the Registrar by emailing the Registrar at
Receipts will only be provided on request when you deliver your payment, or a copy can be emailed to you. Paypal automatically provides receipts.

Please consider volunteering at the Festival, see main Registration Page for more information.