How to Pay

1. Paypal
New to Paypal?
You do not need a Paypal account in order to pay using Paypal!
It is YKMF that has the account.
You will be given the option to choose to pay into it either:

  • By using your own Paypal account, if you have one, or,
  • By using a credit card.

This is how
i. As you complete each registration form, click on the Add To Cart button on the Registration Page for that/those class(es).
You may view your cart at any time by returning to this page and clicking on the View Cart button below.
ii. When you have filled your Paypal cart and are ready to pay, return to this page and click on the View Cart button below, check that it is correct and complete, edit if necessary, then choose to pay for your purchases.
iii. You will be given the option to pay using a Paypal Account, or by using your Credit Card.
iv. After you have paid, you will receive a receipt by email.

2. Cheques are payable to Music Teachers Association -NWT
3. Cash

To pay your fees by cash or cheque, please contact to arrange a time to deliver them.

Payment by email will not be accepted.

Receipts for cash/cheques will be issued only on request.  If you require a receipt please ask the Registrar when you pay, or ask for it to be emailed to you.
Paypal will automatically  email a receipt to you.

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