Alberta Provincial Festival awards

CONGRATULATIONS to all performers who have been recommended
to the Alberta Provincial Music Festival since 2014

1st, 2nd & 3rd place rankings:

1st Place2024ESJF Peregrine Vocal Ensemble215BRecorded Community Choir Ensemble
1st Place2023Alex Ketchum282Music Composition Solo 17 yrs and under
1st Place2022Kathleen Cai752Piano II – Grades 4 & 5
1st Place2021Victor Lumacad752Piano Solo – Grades 4&5
1st Place2021Maica McEachern402Woodwind – 16 yrs and under
1st Place2017Keira Clinton 704Piano Solo – Grades/Levels 5&6
2nd Place2024Fireweed Children’s Chorus211BRecorded Community Choir-13yrs & Under
2nd Place2024Mildred Hall School Choir262BRecorded School Choir-Grades 4-6
2nd Place2023Élise Auld312Cello or Double Bass Solo 14 yrs and under
2nd Place2022Sadee Mitchell902Classical Vocal – 12 yrs and under
2nd Place2021Sadee Mitchell902Classical Vocal – 12 yrs and under
2nd Place2021Matthew Bui781Piano Concerto – 1 movement
2nd Place2021Keira Clinton702Piano Plan 1 – 16 yrs and under
2nd Place2021Elise Auld701Piano Plan 1 – 12 yrs and under
2nd Place2021Anna Pontin985Musical Theatre Ballad – Senior
2nd Place2021Natalia Kuzma751Piano Plan II – Grades 2&3
2nd Place2021Anna Curran753Piano Plan II – Grades 6&7
2nd Place2021Ani Guhlyan753Piano Plan II – Grades 6&7
2nd Place2019Aurora Chorealis916Choral – Senior
2nd Place2019Joseph Curran705Piano Solo – Grades 7&8
2nd Place2018Joseph Curran704Piano Solo – Grades/Levels 5&6
2nd Place2018Alexandria Hillier924Vocal Solo Girls – 16 yrs and under
2nd Place2017Aurora Chorealis916Choral – Senior
2nd Place2017Joseph Curran710Piano Solo – Grades/Levels 2-4
2nd Place2016Bethany Giovanetto706Piano Solo – Grades 9 &10
2nd Place2016Raven Mutford931Musical Theatre Solo Ballad – 12yrs and under
2nd Place2014Beverley RockwellP202Music Composition – 16yrs and under
3rd Place2024Niobe Clinton312Cello or Double Bass Solo – 15yrs & under
3rd Place2024Joseph Curran755Piano II Solo-Grade/Level 10 & ARCT
3rd Place2024Sadee Mitchell903Vocal Solo – 15yrs & under
3rd Place2024Connor Burns984Musical Theatre Solo – Up-Tempo – 15yrs & under
3rd Place2023Fireweed Children’s Chorus211Community Choral 12 yrs and under
3rd Place2023Maica McEachern402Woodwind Solo 17 yrs and under
3rd Place2022Sadee Mitchell981Musical Theatre – Ballad – 12 years & under
3rd Place2022Ani Ghulyan754Piano II – Grades 8 & 9

Participants (2014-2022)

Aaron JuntillaAisling DunnAurora Chorealis (Yellowknife Choral Society)Beverley RockwellMaica McEachern
Ani GhulyanAlexandria HillierFalcon Voices (Ecole Sir John Franklin High School)Sam Peggs
Anna CurranAnna PontinRange Lake North School Choir
Bethany GiovanettoBelinda FormaniukYellowknife Youth Choir
Beverley RockwellBeverley Rockwell
Brian LiangDiana Rockwell
Byran ClintonHanna Janes
Calen KnightJanelle Jordison
Charlotte Dixon-WiestOlivia Rockwell
Daniel-Eli CroftRaven Mutford
Diana RockwellSadee Mitchell
Élise AuldSkyra Pike
Genesis SaturosVincent Lumacad
Grace Clark
Jenna Orr
Joseph Curran
Kathleen Cai
Keira Clinton
Matthew Bui
Mina Lockhart
Natalia Kuzma
Nura Jalil-Aga
Raven Mutford
Rowena Dixon-Wiest
Sema Jalil-Aga
Teresa Martin
Victor Lumacad
Vincent Lumacad