Our Team

This year’s administrative team are:

Overall Administrator: Mary Kelly
Contact: Festival Administrator at ykmusicfestival@gmail.com

Vocal/Choral Coordinator: Susan Shantora
Band/Instrumental Coordinator: Susan Shantora
Piano Coordinator: Kerry Wheler
Showcase Coordinator: Susan Shantora
Registrar, Website Administrator & Communications: Sue Epp
Contact: The Registrar at YKMFregistrar@gmail.com

Volunteers Coordinator: Jeff Hipfner
Provincial Festival Entries Coordinator: Trudy Joosse
Fundraising: Kara Cherland
MTA-NWT Treasurer: Karen Hamre
Piano tuning & Maintenance: Anita Kuzma

The above team share many additional responsibilities, such as Document Maintenance, Marketing, Volunteering at the Festival and the Showcase Concert and arranging or providing hospitality for the adjudicators.