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How do festival participants qualify for the Provincial Festival?

To compete at the Alberta Provincial Festival a competitor must be recommended by the adjudicator at the local Festival by performing to a high standard in a minimum of two classes in one discipline.
Applicants wishing to be considered for competition at the Provincial level should consult with their teacher and/or a Festival representative to make sure that the requirements are met.

Performers hoping to compete at the Alberta Provincial Music Festival must:

  1. Enter as “Competitive” in the Yellowknife Music Festival classes
  2. Perform TWO selections at the Yellowknife Music Festival in the same discipline
  3. Meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the class
  4. And achieve a high level of performance. 

The exception to this is Musical Theatre where participants need only enter as “Competitive” and perform ONE selection.

Can I use photocopies of my music?

Photocopied cannot be used, due to copyright laws, photocopies cannot be accepted.

Accompanists may use photocopies.

How are festival participants selected for the Showcase Concert?

Outstanding participants of the Festival will be selected by the Adjudicators to perform in the Festival Showcase Concert in May each year. Participants recommended to the Alberta Provincial Festival are also invited to perform at this concert.

What happens during a Festival Class?

The performer is called forward to perform their select piece(s) of music in front of the adjudicator and audience of teachers and parents. Once their performance is complete, the adjudicator takes a few minutes to write written remarks and assign a ranking on their adjudication form. After all the performers in that class have performed, the adjudicator will provide general or individual feedback to the performers. The adjudicator may invite the performer return to the stage to attempt different techniques or experiment with changes in their performance.

What is an adjudicator?

A music adjudicator is a musician who has attained a professional status in their field of music performance and/or pedagogy. They have the qualifications and experience to evaluate and provide relevant feedback to music performers, tailored to their level of achievement.

What is a syllabus?

A music festival syllabus is a complete list of classes and class codes used to categorize each competitor’s performance.