Alberta Provincial Festival 2017

At the beginning of June, nine soloists and three choirs from the Yellowknife Music Festival were chosen by our adjudicators to travel to Edmonton to compete in the Alberta Provincial Music Festival.  All soloists and one choir chose either to travel to Edmonton, or, in the case of the choir, submit a recording. The students all performed very well, and two students and one choir placed in their respective categories.  All of the best student musicians and choirs from Alberta are selected to perform so each category is very competitive.  It is a huge achievement to be selected to participate, and even more so to be recognized with first or second place.  Here are some exciting results:

Keira Clinton, as student of Ardith Dean, placed first in Grade 5-6 piano
Joseph Curran, a student of Bernice Westergreen, placed second in Grade 2-4 piano

Aurora Chorealis, conducted by Margo Nightingale, placed second in Adult Choral

Other students who went to Edmonton are:
Diana Rockwell – voice, musical theatre
Olivia Rockwell- voice
Anna Pontin – Musical Theatre
Belinda Formaniuk – Musical Theatre
Jenna Orr – piano
Bethany Giovanetto – piano
Rowena Dixon-Wiest – piano

Congratulations to these students and their teachers!